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Chief Community Building, Engagement & Equity Officer

Tanya Moreno has over 30 years of experience and organizational leadership in the social justice field. She has worked with youth and communities of color through community-based programs, non-profits, detention facilities, sovereign Nations, universities and schools.

Of Nahua, Yoeme and Xican@ ancestry, Tanya received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford University, as well as a Race and Ethnicity Studies certification. Her master’s in Public Administration focused on nonprofit management, community development and indigenous self-determination.

At Primavera, Tanya acts as a consultant on numerous topics, including program development and evaluation, culturally based curriculum/program creation, anti-oppression training and organizational assessment, grant writing and fund development, primary prevention, community organizing, youth leadership, ally development, and managing the managing the Race, Ethnicity, Decolonization and Inclusion (REDI) program. She is the founder of successful, social justice-based programs such as PODER (youth violence prevention and organizing), MAIS (Spanish-speaking immigrant domestic/sexual violence prevention), OLLIN (youth of color organizing project) and Palabra (culturally based violence prevention for male youth of color).

Tanya is an indigenous woman walking in the spiritual, cultural and political path created and manifested by her ancestors, and is a daughter, a sister, mother to 2 sons, Telpochtli Redelk and Tajin Mazacoatl, and a grandmother to an out-of-control pug named Saci-Pererê.


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