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From FY 2017-2018 Data

During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, Primavera served 7,774 people--all from low- to moderate-income backgrounds. Of those served, 73% were male and 27% were female who were:

  • 54% White (non-Hispanic/Latino)
  • 22% Hispanic/Latino
  • 11% Black/African-American
  • 9% American Indian
  • 3% Bi-racial or Multi-racial
  • 1% Asian or Asian Pacific Islander

The Primavera Foundation's geographic service area includes the City of Tucson, the City of South Tucson, and Pima County, Arizona, with over a million people in the total population. Significant focus is on residents who live downtown and in south side neighborhoods including Armory Park, Barrio Anita, and the City of South Tucson where 49% of households have a median income of $20,241 who are:

  • 79% Hispanic/Latino
  • 11% American Indian
  • 3% Black/African-American

In the City of Tucson, 40% of families live below the poverty threshold, 35% of household incomes are below $15,000, and 18% of the 2,385 housing units are vacant due to high amounts of distressed properties. In Pima County, the median household income is $48,676, yet one in four households live at or below poverty levels.


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