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Rent Assistance

Rent and utility assistance is a program that can help you stay housed by assisting you with rent and/or utilities at a time of hardship. Please complete the application below and gather the required documents and drop it off at The Primavera Foundation Resource Center (702 S. 6th Ave) or email it to

If you need assistance with the application or have questions please visit the Homelessness Intervention and Prevention drop in center at 702 S 6th Ave on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 9:00am and 12:30pm.


You may be eligible for the program if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have been issued a 5-day eviction notice.
  • You have not received rent assistance in the past 12 months.
  • You have experienced a hardship that caused you to be unable to pay rent (example: loss of job, major medical bill, car repair, etc.).
  • You have the ability to pay next month’s rent.
  • Your income meets the program qualifications.
What Can You Expect

You will receive a call within 5 business days of returning the application if there are funds available to assist you in the month that you apply.

If you receive a call about next steps for your application, you will be asked to provide the following documentation:

  • photo ID for all adults
  • Social Security card for adults and children
  • birth certificates or proof of citizenship for children
  • five-day eviction notice or late utility bills
  • proof of hardship
  • proof of ability to pay next month's rent
  • income for all members of the household for the last 30 days (employment, Social Security, unemployment)

If you submit an application and do not hear from Primavera within 5 days, we are not able to assist you for that month.  If you still need assistance the following month, please email or stop by HIP to re-activate your application for the following month. 

Utility Assistance

Using the same application as you would for rental assistance, Primavera can also provide
assistance through the Home Energy Assistance Fund to low-income Arizona families and
struggling households to pay energy bills from Southwest Gas. This includes: current and past
due charges, including deposits, late charges, reestablishment fees, and other related costs and


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