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More than 3,000 people used the mail service between 2020 and 2022. 

Project Action for Veterans is the feature of this month’s “The Giving Project.” In the piece, host Pat Harris shares how the program addresses the root causes of poverty and homelessness for veterans in Southern Arizona. 

2020-2022 Impact Report

For the first time since becoming a mom, she is planning to host Thanksgiving dinner in her new apartment for her family. 
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Bicycles provide shelter participants with a means toward mobility and independence.
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Since 2020, the Primavera Foundation has been a community partner in one of the largest emergency aid efforts in the region.
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Tisha Tallman Selected as Incoming Leader

A different Back to school for one Tucson Family.
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Un regreso a la Escuela muy diferente para una familia en Tucson.
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Experiencing homelessness during Monsoon Season in Southern Arizona.
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As we continue to do our best to raise additional support to help as many underserved people as we can, your gift will immediately go where it is needed most urgently. By donating any amount today, you are giving a true gift of dignity. Your kindness may provide shelter, rest, refuge, employment, housing, a renewed sense of community, and/or even the simple vision of possibilities for a stronger, brighter future.  

Primavera’s HUD-certified Housing Counselors are available to work with anyone in Pima County one-on-one to improve their financial standing. Housing Counselors help clients improve their credit, create and maintain a realistic budget, and find financial assistance to prepare to buy (and keep!) their home.

The Homeowner Assistance Fund by the Arizona Department of Housing assists homeowners who experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19. Those in danger of losing their home may qualify for the funds. Primavera can help determine if you are eligible, and assist with the application process.

The keys to home can unlock a future of stability and financial success. Homeownership can also be an investment that provides dividends for generations. Primavera’s comprehensive homeownership and asset-building programs help community members purchase and keep their homes.

For people experiencing homelessness, menstrual hygiene is especially difficult. Learn more about how you can help bring dignity to menstrual hygiene.


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