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My Uplifting Journey

Eight years ago, I found myself alone, homeless, and living in the Santa Cruz River.

But I was blessed to meet a young man who informed me of Primavera and that is when my uplifting journey began.

I became a participant in the Primavera Works workforce development program and qualified for the Rapid Re-Housing program. However, due to an unfortunate incident where I found myself a victim of a hate crime, I was unable to work because of my injuries, and was once again, homeless.

Primavera pulled me through.

I received an anonymous donation from "The Primavera Angels" which helped me financially and I was able to get another place to live, continued working through Primavera Works, and begin a permanent staff receptionist position helping Primavera at the Homeless Intervention and Prevention Drop-In Center (HIP) and the Training Center, and when needed, assisting the Homeownership program and the Civil Rights Restoration program.

Now, I'm living in Primavera's affordable rental housing at the Alamo Apartments, completed Primavera's financial education and homebuyer education classes, and on my way to buying my own home soon.

Through all my ups and downs, Primavera stood by me and supported me.

I consider Primavera my family and I am forever grateful for them.

If it had not been for Primavera's programs and generosity, their big, kindhearted staff for having faith in me and my abilities, Lord knows I would never have made it as far as I have.

BARBARA LABORIN - Primavera receptionist


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