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Contributions of any amount help us provide pathways out of poverty in Southern Arizona. There are several ways that you can designate the Primavera Foundation as your choice in your workplace giving campaigns:

  • Matching Gifts - Matching employee contributions is an increasingly popular way for a company to demonstrate support for its employees and the community. At the same time, when an employee makes a donation to the Primavera Foundation, the company's "matching" donation of the same amount doubles the impact of the gift. Ask your employer if it has a matching gift program.
  • Federal Government - Giving has never been easier! If you are a federal employee, you can help Primavera provide pathways out of poverty by donating through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Please enter "CFC #67826" on your campaign pledge card.
  • State Government - If you are an Arizona State employee, look for the Primavera Foundation as part of the Arizona State Employees Charitable Campaign (SECC) and please select "ST768" on your campaign pledge card. 
  • Local Government - If you are a County or City employee, we also participate in the Employees Combined Appeal Program (ECAP). Please select the Primavera Foundation, ECAP #9852, on your pledge card.
  • United Way - If your company's employee giving program includes the United Way, look for the Primavera Foundation in the listing of organizations. Most local United Way programs also allow donors to specify an organization other than those listed. All you need to do is write "Primavera Foundation" on the "donor-option" line or provide the Primavera Foundation’s EIN number, 86-0733182, on your campaign giving form.

QUESTIONS? To learn more about workplace giving, contact our Donations Specialist at (520) 308-3116.


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