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Primavera Works Receives Water Harvesting Contractor License

Our Certified Water Harvesting Technicians of Primavera Works will design and install a system that fits your needs. We can make minimal installations, like earthworks, or larger-scale cisterns for food-producing plants or gardens. Even the smallest steps will reduce your water bills and help restore the natural native balance to our desert.

Besides saving you some money on water bills, some types of green infrastructure and rainwater harvesting are eligible for rebates from the City of Tucson. Ask us how you can earn a City of Tucson rebate (ROC LICENSE #312939).

Work performed includes, but is not limited to:

• sustainable landscaping
• earthworks and erosion control
• rainwater catchment tanks
• green infrastructure, installation, and maintenance.

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It's the best kind of day labor for your residential or business needs. Our workers vitally need work, need to earn money, and you get the workers you need, when and where you need them. Our social enterprise is a nonprofit staffing agency that offers the unemployed and under-employed a chance to get on their feet, and you get a chance to support the community while getting the job done.


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