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A collection of personal impact stories told in their own words by Primavera Foundation participants, Primavera Works customers, donors, volunteers, community partners, funders, Board of Directors, and team members.


Eight years ago, I found myself alone, homeless, and living in the Santa Cruz River...

I gave birth to my daughter when I was 18 years old. I was married at 19 and divorced at 21. As a young single mother, I had to drop out of college and work full-time to support my daughter. Like so many single mothers, I put my dreams on hold to think of someone else...

When I was 13 years old, I was considered "homeless." I kept running away from my mother's battle with alcoholism, from one friend's house to another, and back again...

I’m from northern New Jersey. My parents moved here [to Arizona] in 1970. I came out for visits and decided to move out here when the time came in 1985. Moving here started a 14-year abusive relationship. I tried to get away; he followed me to Oakland and abused me there. I had a job in Oakland but it folded...

I came here to Tucson to work and get away from Denver. At the time I was drinking heavily. I would go in and out of the Primavera shelter and work program. Every time I was in the program I found a good job, but I didn’t stop drinking. I’d lose the job and then go back to Primavera, get another job and lose it...


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